Lord of the Rings baby quilt

So now that we’re married, what’s next? BABIES!!

But no, we want to wait until we’re closer to 30, so stop. However, there must be something in the water, because everyone seems to be popping them out. I couldn’t throw a rock without hitting someone I know who’s either just had a baby or is currently pregnant. Which is great! We’re just going to wait a bit longer, which is even better.

However, that still leaves the fact that basically all of my high school friends who geeked out on LOTR with me have a kid under 3 or is pregnant. This gave me an idea to create a LOTR blanket for their babies (or they can keep it for themselves and not give it to dirty children, just a thought) So I made a LOTR alphabet quilt!

watermarkOTR alphabet

I used Elvish Ring font, which looks like Elvish but is actually just English letters made to look like Elvish. I almost made the words in the same font, but I felt it’d be too hard to read for kids, even though just the letters themselves might pose problems for younger kids. BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THEM. Hah, children.

So when I first started, I was like “Hmm, there are 26 letters in the alphabet, but it will be hard to fit 26 in a nice line, so I’ll just leave out like Z or something, yeah!” I did Yavanna for Y, and I had a few little animals sleeping around her with little ‘ZZZ’s’ over them, for the Sleep of Yavanna, sort of killing 2 birds with 1 stone. But then, after I made everything, I looked up Alphabet quilts and people just did it like this, 3 letters on the top and bottom row, and 5 on the others, because they’re smart. SO. Now we have naZgul for Z and just fruit and flowers with Yavanna.

X was hard, there’s nothing that starts with X in Arda, so I used helcaraXe, which is the snow and ice covered part in the north that the elves had to cross in the Silmarillion. Quite a few letters are from the Silmarillion. I didn’t want to do a ton of people, like F for Frodo, S for Sam, etc. I branched out. The letters are:

  • A: Arkenstone
  • B: Balrog
  • C: Caradhras
  • D: Doors of Durin
  • E: Ent
  • F: Fellowship of the Ring (heh)
  • G: Gwaihir
  • H: Hobbiton (I used my Sons of the Shire patch design for this)
  • I: Iluvitar (this one was hard to illustrate)
  • J: Jewels of Feanor
  • K: Kingsfoil (I had this as Athelas at first, but I switched A to Arkenstone)
  • L: Lembas
  • M: Mithrandir
  • N: Narsil
  • O: Orc
  • P: Po-ta-toes (this was my husband’s idea)
  • Q: Quenya
  • R: Rohan
  • S: Sauron
  • T: Telperion
  • U: Uruk-Hai
  • V: Valinor
  • W: White Tree of Gondor
  • X: helcaraXe
  • Y: Yavanna
  • Z: naZgul

Cute, yeah?! It won’t be too big, probably around 50 inches tall. I’ll either back it with a nice soft minky or just a normal cotton, but whatever it is, it’ll be pretty plain on the back. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

But seriously though, it’s so nice to think that these babies will grow up with awesome parents who will encourage and probably demand that their kids love LOTR. My parents begrudgingly let me geek out to it. I asked for a nice corset for my 18th birthday and my dad went “why can’t you just ask for a TV like all the other kids?!” but to be fair, the corset I wanted cost more than a a flat screen TV at the time (they had just come out on the market) I got it though!

This will hopefully be done in about 3 weeks-ish. Once I get the fabric in, I’ll make sure everything looks alright and then probably offer the design for sale on Spoonflower, so there can be LOTR baby quilts for everyone!



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Lord of the Rings Patches

Howdy! So since the wedding’s over, I’ve still been busy making and designing Lord of the Rings stuff, because that’s just the kind of person I am.

I’ve had this dingy old jacket for years and I was like “I want a ‘Riders of Rohan’ biker patch for it!” I think I originally said this my junior year of college, which was about 5 years ago. I finally made one! This has been my longest “I’m going to make this” idea, other than actually having a Lord of the Rings wedding, which I’ve wanted since I was an infant, so.

I designed not just a ‘Riders of Rohan’, but a ‘Sauron’s Sinners’ and a ‘Sons of the Shire’ one too, and now I need to buy 2 more jackets. They’re printed on a heavy cotton canvas and are a little under 8×8 inches. I need to cut them out and sew them on obviously, but I think they came out well!

The Riders of Rohan has horses, the sun of Rohan, one of the Rohirrim battle cries, and between the banner are a few of the flowers of Rohan, or simbelmynë, that grow on the graves of kings.


On Sauron’s Sinners, we’ve got good ol Sauron, the One Ring script, flames, and the 9 Nazgul!


My favorite and newest is the Sons of the Shire patch! This one took a very long time to make. A little Hobbit scene, with the Party Tree (there’s a banner and flags, which says “Happy 111th!” but the font was too small and while you can’t read it, I hope it’s obvious what party they’re having) Sting and a pipe flank the hobbit hole, and the One Ring is at the bottom. I love the quote “Courage is found in unlikely places” so I added that too.


Like I said, they’re printed on heavy cotton canvas, which feels like thick denim and is great for patches. I cut around the black outline and just sew them to a jacket. I left the edges raw for a frayed look over time, but you can easily just put some Fray Check around the edges to prevent fraying. I think I’ll offer them for sale in my shop soon!



Also, while it’s actually 2:30 AM on March 26th, happy (late) Tolkien Reading Day! on this day in the Third Age 3019, we had:

  • The Battle of the Morannon
  • Death of Gollum
  • Destruction of the One Ring in Mount Doom
  • Death of Sauron and complete destruction of his armies and buildings
  • Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee rescued from Mordor by Gandalf and the Eagles



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My Wedding Photos


Yay! Seriously, look. This post is just bout photos, I have another that’s reaching the length of a short novel about how the day actually went, but for now, here’s photos (though everything went great and the day was exactly as I had planned it to be!) yay!

Here’s my Flickr album as well with a few other photos.

Our wedding was on October 11th, 2015, in Katy Texas at Agave Road, a beautiful Spanish style wedding venue. My coordinator was Amanda and she was AMAZING. An absolute life-saver, she took care of everything. My photographer was Francie from Fireheart Photography and I could not be happier with how everything came out.


Here’s jewelry, handfashing ribbon, wooden keys for the guest book, the corsage I made my mom, shoes, headband, and the bridesmaids gifts

Seating chart/guest book, LOTR menu, steampunk save the dates, the invitations, and little take-home s’more bags

The wedding programs I made, with our wedding fellowship!

Our s’mores bar and cake

Here’s the venue and the table settings. I made all of the signs and the short birdcage centerpieces


My flowers!

My dress and cloak

My guy! I made the guy’s bouts out of gears and keys


My ladies!



We did a First Look before the ceremony








Reception! We cut the cake with an ax, made s’mores, had toasts, all that fun stuff

For the garter toss, Brandon put the garter around a football with a $10 and threw it, the guys went crazy! We met in college and played the K-state fight song during the fighting for the money

And then everybody danced!

And then we lived happily ever after (You’d think I wouldn’t be so cheesy, what with being lactose intolerant, but there you go)



YAS! Married.






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Preview of the Professional Wedding Pictures!

LOOK! Our amazing photographer, Fireheart Photography in Houston, Texas, sent me some preview photos of our wedding! I’ll get the rest of them in the mail in just a few days. I thought I’d go insane waiting, but after seeing them, the wait was totally worth it. I can’t even say enough about how amazing these photos are, everything is perfect!

Here’s our seating chart, guest book, door to the reception room, decorations, and a Lord of the Rings pillow book I made for our rings and ring bearer.


Me and my sword bouquet and cloak I made


My new husband and I 🙂


Yay! I just love them. Our wedding was just a few days over a month ago and I’m just so happy to see these photos! People have said how on your wedding day things can go so fast and you can even forget the little things after a while. It’s so nice to look back and notice things I didn’t even get to see at the wedding, most of which is the ceremony decorations, as I was only out there for like 15 minutes, and I was busy getting married at the time. Having photos really helps solidify what I do remember, and help me see details I had missed!

Hopefully I’ll have the rest of the photos real soon!


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Wedding Update: We did it!

So, dear readers, it’s October 21st! And I got married on October 11th! So, that happened!

The last 2 months before the wedding flew by. Between sewing pillow books for my business and DIYing everything for the wedding, things got a little crazy. The wedding was also in Texas, where I’m from, though I currently live in Kansas, so that made things interesting as well. I legit have been neglecting this blog, so much so that I left my own wedding, the reason I started this thing, pass by without so much as a “OH GOD IT’S THE WEEK OF THE WEDDING” post.

Things went good though! There were a few hiccups, but that’ll be for a later time. For now, here’s all of the photos I took leading up to the wedding that I meant to post here, but did not. Lucky you!

I wanted our cake to sit on a tree stump, and happily, some friends of ours had a dead tree they needed to cut down. Our cake was 12 inches at the base, so this stump worked perfectly. (For real though, when I told people about this idea, they were like “where are you going to get a tree stump that big?” and I was like “people have dead trees in their yard all the time, this is Kansas, people have firewood, it’ll happen!” and lo and behold, it happened. Still, to this day, almost 2 weeks after the wedding, I still look in people’s yards for dead tree stumps and I’m like “Oooh, that one looks good!”)

I made all the guy’s boutineers and corsages for my mother, my mother-in-law, and my grandmother-in-law. The corsage pictured was for my mom, I used this beautiful butterfly key I’ve had for ages (keys were a running theme, could you tell?) some fabric leaves, white lace, gold beads, and a beautiful flower. These were worn on the chest, not the wrist. The other 2 I made for my in-laws were very similar, but with different keys and different colored flowers. The men’s bouts were actually a bit different than the one shown, the keys were wrapped in wire nicer and the steampunky gears were more intricate in the end. But, this is all I have to show right now!

My shoes! All done. I sewed the lace, beads, and crystals on, as well as attached a flower similar to the ones I used for the mother’s bouts and some green glass leaves. On the back of the shoes on the heels, I sewed on the little charms S and B, for my and my fiance’s name, Shanon and Brandon (it goes S then B. I was firm from the get go that our wedding would not be BS)

So, you’d think, ‘flats, OK, your feet won’t hurt at all!’ You’d be very, very wrong. My toes! The rubbed my toes raw, so much so, that I was in different shoes the second we were done with pictures. Damn you, you beautiful and deadly shoes!


So for our seating chart and guest book, it was a little tricky. I’ve mentioned how I designed and laser cut 5 different wooden keys, which were to be for our guest book. I also bought a big cork board, made tags for every guest, then later we wrote their table number and table name on the tag (such as table 5, Gondor, or table 6, The Three Broomsticks). I then tied a key to a tag and push pinned it to the cork board. Guests then found their name and signed their key! We’ll eventually put them in a frame, but for now, they sit in a trunk. Most of the guests did this, happily! (I had a sign. TIP: use signs everywhere, people can be dumb, signs help)

I’ve also previously talked about my bridesmaid gifts. I bought little Evenstar earring sets and made them into necklaces, as well as added a pearl. I then put them into these little wooden boxes with each girl’s initial carved on them. They loved them! Our venue also had coozies for each girl, so that was fun.

I also made all of the paper goods for the wedding, including the invitations, RSVP cards, little business sized cards with our wedding website on it that I included in the invitation envelope, the wedding programs, round menus, and other things such as SIGNS (remember, signs are important), thank-you notes for our favors, and pictures such as “We know you’d be here today if Heaven weren’t so far away” for our memory chair at the ceremony. Here are our programs! They include our “Wedding Fellowship”, yay!

I finally settled on a design for the back of the invitations, one that I carried through many different parts of the wedding. It was like our own little brand. It incorporated both my new husband’s love for Harry Potter and my love of LOTR! It has “Always” for Harry Potter and Elvish letters on the sides for LOTR. Could have been better, but I made it like 3 hours before placing my order for the invites. It’s on the back of our wedding website cards, the invitations, the ring bearer’s pillow book, and our programs. I printed the invitations, RSVP cards and business sized cards through Vistaprint during a huge sale they had, and everything else such as the programs, menus, table number signs, and favor cards at Office Max.


So, I talked about how we met with our caterer a while ago. I decided to make menus in Lord of the Rings style to put on the plates for the guests. Tadaa!


Let me just tell you, cutting 115 of these round babies out was super fun. They sat inside the gold charges at everyone’s seat.

Our ring bearer was my fiance’s (and now MY) nephew! He was 3 1/2 at the time of the wedding and freaking adorable. Not sure if you knew, but I love Lord of the Rings. I also happen to have a business making pillow books. Our ring bearer was dressed as a Hobbit, because duh. It hit me about 2 weeks before the wedding that I should probably make a LOTR pillow book for him to carry down the aisle, because also duh. Here’s our wedding pillow book our nephew carried! LOTR of course. This is very similar to my Fellowship of the Ring pillow book that I sell, only with a few changes for personalization.

Inside I included the quote of Faramir and Eowyn. If you look closely, you can read the “Elvish” at the bottom, because its in English, just in an Elvish looking font (it says “Forever and Always”, which my husband says to me all the time. D’awww). I also included our little symbol I made that was on our invitations on the inside cover of the book. Yay!

Just a little fun thing, my bachelorette party! It was mellow, but great. We had the bachelor/bachelorette parties separately and on the Friday before our Sunday wedding, and I highly recommend not having yours the night before your wedding 😛


Alright, wedding day! Everything went great! I couldn’t beleive how fast I got everything done. So we had a florist do 7 of the 14 table arrangments, but then I also made the other 7 myself out of a bird cage, twig wreath, and LOTR book pages. I also wanted to decorate the venue myself as well, such as put up a memory shelf of lost loved ones, set up the seating chart, all of the signs, and decorate the cake (cake is a sore subject for me, our cake was the 1 thing that went wrong during the wedding, but more on that later) We were able to arrive no more than 5 hours before the ceremony, and I had everything set up the way I wanted to in like 45 minutes. Granted I literally sprinted that entire 45 minutes, but it got done! My bridesmaids and wedding party also helped, and I could never have gotten it done without them. We then squeezed hair and make up for 8 people, me getting dressed, photos, a ‘first-look’ photo session, and wedding party photos into the other 4 hours! Everything went waaaay better than I ever imagined! I don’t have too many photos myself, but our professional photos will be in soon!

Woohoo, married!


Woohoo, cutting that damn cake! (funny story, we used an ax to cut it, people were scared) Brandon’s cousin made us Hogwarts house scarves (he’s Slytherin, I’m something of a Ravenpuff) and he wore his during the entire reception! See our stump under the cake? I like it.


So while our cake was a fiasco (though we did end up with one) we also had a S’mores bar! Our venue set up a little table with sterno lighters and rocks and we provided the food and skewers. We also used S’mores as our wedding favors too. I freaking loved it!


Our wedding party decorated our get away car (which is just our normal car)


Little did they know, I bought this window decal like 5 days before the wedding!


Why yes, that is a Gandalf “You shall not pass” decal on the bottom right of the window (and an ‘Always’ Harry Potter on the bottom left in blue)

Yay, married! A lot has happened in these past 2 months, and I’m sorry I’ve not posted more. I promise that after I get a few posts about my own wedding out of the way in the next few weeks, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled ‘other people’s awesome LOTR wedding’ posts. How funny to think that I started this blog about 2 years ago with my wedding being both the inspiration and culmination of this blog, and now it’s over. I’d say it’s bitter sweet, but it’s mostly just sweet because I’M DONE. I DID IT. WE’RE MARRIED. THANK GOD. I have FREE TIME now. Sort of. Yay!


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Elessar the Elfstone Necklace

Howdy folks! So, as I’ve stated a million times, I started my own business recently. About a month ago, Buzzfeed featured one of my pillows in a list and I had about 2,000 views on my Etsy shop in 48 hours (I had been averaging about 800 a day previously). That was crazy and I’m still dealing with the orders from that.

A few days ago, at around midnight, I started to notice the same traffic and sales patterns that I received when Buzzfeed made the article. I went to bed and was awoken by my fiance standing over me, freaking out. He was like “You were featured on The Common Room!” which is a Harry Potter facebook group with over 100,000 fans. In less than 24 hours, I had received 12,000 views on Etsy and a loooot of orders! So I’ll just be sewing for the rest of my life then.

I also just had a birthday! I turned the ripe old age of 25, and that’s just a bit…weird. I don’t know how I feel about this. On the upside, I got some great gifts! My favorite is Elessar the Elfstone. I wrote about how I ordered this necklace months ago, but my fiance kept it and hid it until my birthday because he’s the devil. But now I have it, LOOK AT IT. (these were taken on my super special leather LOTR  book cover)


It’s even better in person! This necklace/brooch is made by a company called Badali Jewelry and they make some amazing stuff! Here’s what they say about their Elessar pendant

Elessar was given to Aragorn by Galadriel as the fellowship departed Lothlórien in The Fellowship of the Ring.

‘Yet maybe this will lighten your heart,’ said Galadriel; ‘for it was left in my care to be given to you, should you pass through this land.’  Then she lifted from her lap a great stone of a clear green, set in a silver brooch that was wrought in the likeness of an eagle with outspread wings; and as she held it up the gem flashed like the sun shining through the leaves of spring.™

Galadriel gave Elessar to Aragorn on behalf of Arwen as a token of hope and of Arwen’s love.  Uplifted by Arwen’s gift, Aragorn assumes the role of leader for the fellowship.  By accepting the brooch, Aragorn also accepts his destiny as the rightful heir of Gondor.  The brooch would also serve as the source of his ruling name, King Elessar.  Bestowing the Stone of Eärendil to Aragorn also functioned as a wedding gift from the family of the bride to the groom, foretelling Aragorn’s marriage to Arwen.

So like I said, it comes in 2 forms, a necklace or a brooch. I actually ordered it as a brooch but added a “Mithril” chain at checkout so I could wear it both as a necklace and brooch. It’s just perfect. I chose the “Great Green Stone” version and it’s beautiful. It’s a bit dark when wearing it, but because the back is so open, light does go through it pretty well. It’s heavy, but not too heavy, and HUGE. I really like their interpretation of it. When I first read of Elessar, I guess I pictured something like this

Which I didn’t necessarily like too much. But looking at how Badali designed it, it’s completely perfect. Like, yes, that’s how it should look. IT’S SO PRETTY.

I freaking love it. I’m actually thinking of wearing it on my wedding cloak, on the clasp, for the ceremony then switching to Evenstar for the reception. I wanted my fiance to wear it, but he was like ‘nah’ SO, guess it’s up to me to represent.

One other great thing about Badali Jewelry is that they are actually licensed to sell Lord of the Rings jewelry and other fantasy and scifi stuff. Look at what else they’ve made


Gandalf riding Gwaihir

This is their version of Nenya, which comes in a His or Hers, and also has leaf tracer bands that can sit next to the ring.

The 9 Dwarven Rings of Power

Thorin’s key necklace (not a movie replica, but their own design)

They have a ton of stuff. Lord of the Rings is also not the only fantasy novels they are licensed to make things for. They also do Wheel of Time stuff.

Guys. I know I’ve never mentioned this before, but I have a second love. Wheel of Time. I started reading these books right at the same time LOTR entered my life, in middle school. Me and my 2 best friends literally read these for YEARS (because there are 13 huge ass books, the last of which were only recently published) and if you’re a Wheel of Time fan, you need to see this.




Mother’s milk in a cup!

Time to roll the dice!

Alright, I’m out of funky curse word sayings. But come on! Truth, I have not touched a WOT book in years and I need to reread like 1-10 before I start on the newer ones, but these babies were my LIFE at one time. Like, I can’t even explain to you what WOT meant to me. I’d literally not be where I am today if it weren’t for those books and the connections I made because of them. This is one of those ‘I can’t even’ moments.

I’m getting all misty eyed.

Anyways, I think we’ve seen enough to know that Badali Jewelery is amazing. I’ve not even covered a fraction of the things they make, so go check them out.

One last thing, here’s a picture of 3 out of 4 of my True Loves: Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, and cake (my 4th love is cats) look’s like there are at least 2 people who are as big of freaks as I am (or just 1 super determined freak and an indulgent spouse)

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now, my sewing machine is a’callin. Bye!


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Bustling the Dress and Sewing the Shoes

The dress. Oh, the dress. Did I tell you the story about my dress? I did?

Don’t care, need to vent, listen to it again.

I got my dress at David’s Bridal. I tried on many dresses here in Kansas where I live before flying down to Texas to actually find the dress with my mom. We ended up settling on a dress from David’s Bridal. I tried on a sample size 12, and it fit perfectly, like a freaking glove. The lady helping me was like “It fits but you should get a size 10 so that the corset will be bigger and show more lacing” meaning the size 12 was a hair too big and the corset was laced tight, almost closed, and she suggested it be more open, showing the lacing more. Against my very best judgment, I consented to getting a 10.

I was a bridesmaid aaaages ago for my friends wedding. She had us go to David’s to get the bridesmaid dresses, and I must have made an account there. Well my old address was still on that account. The dress came in, I called and told them to send it to my family in Texas, but lo and behold, it was sent to a very old address, in a town I didn’t live in anymore. I even had a friend go over to my old apartment and check, but it wasn’t there. I myself was in town a few months later and attempted to go talk to the person who lived at my old apartment to see if they had gotten anything, but no one was home (not surprising, as I was banging and screaming on their damn door for my damn dress)

Once this mistake was noticed, David’s sent out a new dress pronto to my mother, and things were alright. Until a few months later, this past July, when I flew down to Texas to do wedding stuff. We went to the fitting, all happy and content, until I tried on the size 10 dress. It was, of course, too small. Like way too small. I cried a lot, but they were very nice and said they’d swap it for a 12. This was mailed to the David’s Bridal in Texas, but by that time, I needed it in Kansas to do my fitting, as I was no longer in Texas. Something happened and they got all confused and said it was already in Kansas, AT MY OLD ADDRESS AND I SERIOUSLY FLIPPED SOME SHIT. Like seriously.

But, this was a mistake, they were looking at my first dress that was indeed sent to the wrong address. They finally found my right dress and it was on it’s way to me, at the right address that I live at now. I got my dress, and just had my first fitting the other day. I must admit, I was a bit worried, as I have gained a bit of weight (but my clothes still fit, so I was like, I haven’t changed sizes)

It fit pretty good! A little tighter than I remember, but it’s all going to be OK. And the best news is that I didn’t need any alterations at all, not even hemming it! We just added a French bustle (which cost about $125 at Davids. Since I didn’t have any other alteration and the wedding is 2 months out, I was OK with this cost, it’ll be ready on September 9th)

Anyone marrying me within the next 2 months, avert your eyes! (anyone marrying me after the next 2 months, feel free to gaze)









Here’s the dress the day I picked it out, about…8 or 9 months ago?


And here’s the dress, same size, from 5 days ago, with a French bustle being added for after the ceremony. See how much thicker the lacing is? That’s from cake. Mmmm, cake. Still a 12 though!

IMG_3481I have on a poofy mermaid petticoat under this that I also got at David’s to help the bottom flair out.


IMG_3483I dunno, I know I’ve gained weight but I like it, I think I look pretty good in it. I’d always thought gaining weight would bother be really bad (I lost a lot of weight during college, I was pretty big in high school and for the past 6 years, I’ve been really consistent with my weight) but recently, I’ve gained a few pounds. But no, I know I’ve put on weight and I’m like “eh, I still like how I look, so it’s whatev” and I think I look OK. I’d like to skinny up my arms a bit, but if that doesn’t happen, oh well.

So yay dress!! Now look at my shoes I made!


They’re ivory flats that had a bit of lace on them already, but I then went and added even more (the whiter lace) that I got from Joann’s Fabric. It’s also got pearls on it, and I’m going to add swavorski crystals too. I got the shoes at Payless for like 10$. Not the best photos, but still. IMG_2249

While my dress is ‘ivory’ as well, these shoes are a bit darker than the dress, which is OK. I really like them! I’m not done with them, of course, because I can’t ever finish anything ever, but they’re making progress!

Alright then, now I still need to make a new hood for my wedding cloak.

Next up, addressing and sending invitations. Woopie


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