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My Wedding Photos

LOOK AT MY WEDDING PHOTOS Yay! Seriously, look. This post is just bout photos, I have another that’s reaching the length of a short novel about how the day actually went, but for now, here’s photos (though everything went great … Continue reading

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I sent out our Save the Dates!

I did it! Today, we officially sent out our save the dates, yay! Here are our save the dates: Then you spin the gear and it reveals… Important information! The gears are made of laser cut card board. I designed … Continue reading

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How to Print Your Addresses on an Envelope

So, I don’t have to work tomorrow and I told myself I will 1. clean, and 2. work on wedding stuff that needs to be done NOW. We are set to send our Save the Dates out this month (Feb.) … Continue reading

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An Actual Review of the Best Lord of the Rings Wedding Invitation

OK, so forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this suppose to be a wedding blog? You’d never know it, because it’s been like 242 years since I talked about anything wedding related. Let’s get back on track. So, a … Continue reading

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Guess what I bought?

Guess! It’s white(ish), lacy, beaded, long, and super duper pretty! I bought my dress!! This is actually all photoshopped, because there’s a smallish chance my fiance may actually read my blog, and you know, tradition and all that. But I … Continue reading

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Making your own Hobbit Invitation

We seem to be stuck on a theme here at BreeCraft, which is invitations and paper goods. I’m a super DIY fan, I’m making the invitations, save the dates, programs, center pieces, and probably my veil. I’m all for making … Continue reading

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Lord of the Rings Wedding Invitations: Part Two

Round 2: FIGHT So, last time on BreeCraft, we took a look at a ton of beautiful Lord of the Rings wedding invitations and other paper goods. That was fun, wasn’t it? Good, because we’re doing it again today! So, … Continue reading

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