One year Later

Hello children. So we’ve just passed October 11th, which was my 1 year wedding anniversary! I cannot believe it has been a year, very crazy!

And what a year it has been. It’s been a hard year I think, probably the hardest I’ve ever had. I’ve lost wonderful family and my best friend, and natural disasters, mostly flooding, have plagued my family and myself these past few months.

But, good things have happened too. We moved to a bigger place and I have more room to work. And I hired a real employee to help me sew. My business has grown. I’m working with a company to get my stuff out faster. It’s been a mixed year, but anniversaries are a time to reflect back on the good things.

In honor of my first anniversary, I decided to finally do something with my bouquet!


If you’ll remember, I made the flowers out of coffee filters and card stock. I then used a version of Anduil for the handle.

I of course kept it, and I’ve been wanting to mount it for some time. The base is a styrofoam ball with the flowers stuck in with heavy wire. I decided to take out some flowers from the back and cut the ball so it laid flat against a wall.

We looked FOREVER for a frame to put it in. I originally wanted a shadow box with glass, but the bouquet was so thick, even with half cut off,  finding one was hard. It’s also tall and skinny, so any boxes were either the right height but too wide, or the right width but a hair too short.

Then I had an idea! It does happen sometimes. I was at a comicon recently and saw this new version of Sting, it was so beautiful, all gold and silver, ug. It also came with a gorgeous wooden LOTR plaque, and I was like “oh shit, that’s it”

I got the pretty golden Sting and this lovely plaque as my 1 year anniversary gift from my husband! (Which means I bought it for myself and was like “THANKS FOR MY GIFT HONEY, IT’S PERFECT HOW EVER DID YOU KNOW?!) It’s very beautiful.

But I felt that the plaque was too small for my bouquet. So off to Ebay to search for Lord of the Rings sword plaques.

After bidding against myself a few times because I am dumb, I finally won THIS.


WHAT. Jesus christ. So I bid on it (and like I said, against myself a few times because I’m apparently an 80 year old woman who can’t figure out the interweb) and I was like cool, a wooden plaque thing. And then it came in the mail and I saw that the top crown thing and the tree were metal! I had no freaking idea, the photo on ebay made it look like it was all painted wood! I paid $25 for this baby, and I consider it to be one of my greatest treasures. I don’t even care that I myself rose the damn price by bidding a few extra times, I freaking love it.

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby and I had 2 hooks to mount the bouquet on. I just drilled 2 holes into it and bam, ready to GO son





OK can I just say it’s pretty. Yes I’m bragging. I just want to hold it up all Lion King style and shout LOOK WHAT I HAVE MADE. It’s actually really heavy with the hilt and plaque, but I’ll still go out onto my balcony and do it.

The white lace thing was my baptism cap that my mom kept. It was held together with just a few stitches and if you snip them, it becomes a handkerchief on your wedding day. I had it tied to the hilt as I walked down the aisle.

So, tadaaaa.






About skittlekittle

Born and raised outside of Houston, Texas, Shanon then moved to Kansas for school. She earned her degree in technical theatre, majoring in props making and managing. She met her fiance while they were both in school, and he proposed to her at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in Oct. 2013. Now, she spends all of her free time making things for their upcoming wedding in Oct. 2015!
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