Our Disney and Wizarding World Honeymoon

We went on our honeymoon, yay! So while we got married in October, we did not take our honeymoon until February. This is because the wedding was in Texas and we lived in Kansas, so we had to take off quite a bit of time just for the wedding. After the new year, my husband got more PTO. We decided to do it in February partly because of this, and partly because who wouldn’t want to swap Kansas for Florida in February? As a Texan living in Kansas, I’ll tell ya, it’s cold here.

So! We booked our honeymoon with a travel agent, which took a lot of pressure off of me, which was nice, seeing as how I was planning a wedding from 2 states away and trying to run my business. We flew in on Sunday and left on a Saturday, giving us 6 nights at the hotel and 5 days of fun. We stayed at the New Orleans Riverside hotel in Disney World, which was recommended to me not only by my friends who had honeymooned in Disney, but by our travel agent, as it’s the least kid-friendly hotel, meaning there wouldn’t be as many kids there. Yes, I realize it’s Disney and it’s all geared towards kids, and I don’t mind kids, but everyone recommended it to us, so we went with it. It was great, our room was AMAZING. It was a ‘Magic Room’, and it had so many cool details! This wasn’t our exact room, but it’s very similar. Check out this page for more photos and a video of the Magic Rooms.

So cute!

We were at the Disney parks for 4 days, Monday-Thursday, then we hit up Wizarding World on Friday at Universal (which was the BEST PART). We used the Magic Bands Disney gives you and the Fast Passes were amazing. I had been to Disney World once before when I was 17, and my husband when he was 5, so it was sort of new to us. You get to book your fast passes 60 days out from when you arrive I think, and I thought the fast pass line might take like an hour to get through? I was so wrong, we arrived at our assigned fast pass time, went through the line and got off the ride within 20 minutes. It was amazing. It also helped that we went at the least busy time of the year, but still.

You can (and must) make dinner or meal reservations 90 days out to ensure you can eat at the places you want. We had a meal plan, and we used all of our sit-down meals as dinners. My #1 proudest moment was when I got us a table at Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, which is THE most booked and sought after restaurant in the parks. I know why, because OH MY GOD it was amazing. It’s like freaking being in the Beast’s Castle! It was gorgeous, and you MUST go. I had the Gray Stuff for dessert, it was delicious (tasted like cookies and cream)

Guys, I also met Merida. I LOVE Merida. I’m like obsessed. We met her the same day as the Be Our Guest restaurant, as she was in the Magic Kingdom park. The gates opened at 9 I think, and she met people from 9-12 (I think). I was the 2nd in line (though to be honest, sadly the line wasn’t that long anyways) and it was perfect. She was SO NICE!! I had her sign a journal I had of the tapestry from the movie. It was freaking magical. I’ll admit, I cried afterwards because I was so happy. Then, later that day, we were watching the parade and I was wearing my Merida necklace and the Merida on the float saw me and was like “Where did ye’ get that?!” She spoke to meeee!! I hope you can view this video my husband took of it! So amazing.

I also brought a tiny frying pan and met Rapunzel, and she signed it. I love it, I’m going to hang it up in our kitchen.

We had a ton of fun! The weather was a bit hot, in the 80’s, until the last day, Friday, when it was like 50 degrees and we didn’t pack for that weather. So, Wizarding World was cold, but still awesome!

The BEST part of the entire trip (well, for my husband, who loves HP like I love LOTR) was when we went to Olivanders to get our wands. In the movie (and books) Olivander gives Harry a few wands to try out, and he points and waves them and shit happens like shelves break and a bell rings, etc. Well when you go to Olivanders at Wizarding World, they send you into the room with like 20 people and they pick 1 person to try their wand out. You have to go through like 2 wands until he finds ‘your’ wand, and it’s great.

WELL. Brandon and I went in, and we had these “Honeymoon” buttons on that the cast gave us, and we had made shirts that said “I married a Slytherin” and “I married a Ravenclaw” (I’m a Ravenclaw, he’s a Slytherin) and this guy was perfect. He was a Slytherin too, and he looks at Brandon, and he goes “Married a Ravenclaw, huh? Don’t you think you could have done better?” and I go “I know he couldn’t!” and he goes “…Ravenclaws, think they know everything” oh my god it was so funny.

So he picked us to try out the wands! He gave me one and Brandon one, and of course they were not right. BUT. He goes “I wonder…”and he switched our wands with each other, saying stuff like “They both share Dragonheart strings, together they are powerful” and OF COURSE they were right for us now! Ug, it was amazing. Then he goes “The wand chooses the wizard, and these have chosen you, but you can of course choose any you want” meaning that if we didn’t like the wands, we didn’t have to get them, but Brandon was like jumping up and down and he’s like “WE HAVE TO GET THESE” so we did! They were the electronic kind that if you wave them in certain spots in the park, stuff happens. It was just so perfect. It was an amazing day.


So that’s our honeymoon! I suppose that’s the last of the wedding too. It’s all over! No more wedding stuff (“until the divorce”, I joke) but it was a good ride. Waiting to take our honeymoon until a few months after the wedding wasn’t bad at all, and it really still felt like a honeymoon. It also helped me focus on the wedding before the wedding and not have to handle 2 things at once. I’d definitely do it that way again if I had to. Here’s a few more pictures below!




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Born and raised outside of Houston, Texas, Shanon then moved to Kansas for school. She earned her degree in technical theatre, majoring in props making and managing. She met her fiance while they were both in school, and he proposed to her at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in Oct. 2013. Now, she spends all of her free time making things for their upcoming wedding in Oct. 2015!
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