Real Weddings: Josh and Diana

Alright class, settle down. Settle down! JASON, SIT. DOWN. We’ve got a special treat for you today, it’s movie time!


Remember this? It was a good day at school when you walked into class and saw this!

Here at BreeCraft, I pride myself on finding and featuring Lord of the Rings weddings, and I’ve tried my damdest to find them all. I’m like the Ash Ketchum of LOTR weddings, I like to think. Lately, I know I’ve been slacking, and I’m sorry. I’ve even been slacking on my own wedding planning, which will happen in LESS THAN 5 MONTHS WTF ERMERGERD. My business has taken off and is keeping me busy, both my fiance and I have had the plague for about 3 weeks, and this weekend, my best friend (and maid of honor) are attending a big convention which we are working on cosplays for, so I’ve been a little busy.

But that’s no excuse. So, the other day I resumed my search for new weddings and to see if I had missed any. I found this one that we’ll be looking at today and thought “Why the HELL have I never seen this before?!” That’s because as far as I can tell, most of the pictures and video were posted on the internet within the last week. Prepare for a wonderfully beautiful and elegant LOTR wedding for the record books, kids. And this one comes with a video!

The couple, Josh and Diana, had Anibaldi Studio do their wedding video and photography. They had this to say about the couple

As Josh and Diana’s wedding photographer and videographer I got an upclose angle of their relationship. Their love is so deep that it is truly inspiring. The way Josh looks at Diana and the way she talks about him is just so genuine. Im so happy for these two and honored to call them my friends!

Click the photo to watch the beautiful video!


I don’t know a ton on the bride and groom themselves, but as you can see, Josh is a Marine and Diana has amazing taste in fashion. They also clearly love Lord of the Rings!

I managed to find what looks to be some pre-wedding or engagement photos of the two from Waverly Bride, which are awesome

sitemgr_lordofringsengagementIt’s like some epic foreshadowing to how awesome their wedding will be. And then it came true. All photos and video taken by Anibaldi Studio.

030 JoshDianas Wedding 059 JoshDianas Wedding 065 JoshDianas Wedding 047 JoshDianas WeddingI really love the simple brown dresses the bridesmaids wore along with the stunning gold velvet cloaks. If you look in one of the group photos of the whole wedding party, the groomsmen aren’t wearing any shoes, in true Hobbit fashion.

The bride and groom did a First Look before the ceremony

078 JoshDianas Wedding

103 JoshDianas Wedding

270 JoshDianas Wedding

290 JoshDianas Wedding

Some of the guests even dresses for the occasion!


332 JoshDianas Wedding

395 JoshDianas Wedding 399 JoshDianas Wedding 423 JoshDianas Wedding

The table settings had a simple metal and glass lantern with a bit of greenery and neutral colored flowers, which helped give the whole space a rustic yet elegant feel. The warm lighting mixed with the metallic linens and chargers really made the space feel warm, bright, and cheerful. I absolutely love the head table’s linen drapery and the wooden backdrop, it gives it a medieval touch without being too over the top.

247 JoshDianas Wedding 256 JoshDianas Wedding

The cake proves that simple doesn’t mean dull! Non-edible decorations can also help bring the price down while still looking amazing.

478 JoshDianas Wedding

The couple even cut the cake with Josh’s Marine sword.

650 JoshDianas Wedding 651 JoshDianas Wedding 595 JoshDianas Wedding 491 JoshDianas Wedding

240 JoshDianas Wedding 102 JoshDianas Wedding

I’ve got to say, this is probably one of the first times I’ve seen a circlet on a woman with such short hair, which just proves that you don’t have to have epicly long hair to rock an elven vibe.

All in all, I freaking love this wedding. I think they blended their geek love and their everyday lives perfectly, reflecting their love of Tolkien and Josh’s military service just right. There’s a great balance between elegance and whimsy which is shown in every aspect of the wedding, from the wedding party’s attire down to the table settings and cake.

One thing that this wedding did for me on a personal level was make me rethink my own wedding cloak. I love Diana’s cloak, I think it’s perfect. Her hood silhouette is exactly what I was going for when I made mine, and I see now that what I made was not what I really wanted. I’ve decided to redo my hood, and while that’s a scary thing to think about (resewing a very important part of my wedding dress) it’s a step I know I need to do or I’ll look back and regret it. It really won’t take that long nor is it that big of a deal, but it’s still scary to me to make it. But, here’s new inspiration!

Here’s the vendor info

Wedding Coordinator: Stacey Tessier, Storybook Weddings & Events Venue: Wiens Winery Hair & Makeup: Alyssa Norris Photo & Video: Anibaldi Studios Florist: Storybook Weddings & Events DJ & Lighting: Sterling Entertainment Cake: Bo Cakes Officiant: David Cutler

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed it!



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