Lord of the Rings Wedding Party Gifts

Alright, so last time we talked about what I am doing for my bridesmaids! Now I want to talk about other gift ideas for both sides of the aisle, for the guys and girls. As always, we’ll actually be dealing with LOTR themed gifts.

Just because you have a LOTR themed wedding doesn’t mean you have to continue the theme into your wedding party gifts though. There are TONS of wedding party gift ideas that are perfect and non themed. But, you’re at BreeCraft and here we do Lord of the Rings, bitches. So, like I said, you can do anything for a gift, but here are some themed ideas! We’ll start with guys first, then go into neutral gifts, then to girls. Of course, you know your wedding party best, and you can decide what works best for them! For the sake of keeping costs down, especially if you have a large wedding party, almost all of these gifts are under $30, but there are no monetary limits that you are required or expected to spend, it all depends on what you think is best for your party.


First up, This cool LOTR book safe by SecretStorageBooks

Large Hollow Book Safe - Lord of the Rings by J. R. R.Tolkien Stash Book

And they even offer a customized groomsmen one!

If you’re having a destination wedding, either domestic or international, think about these cool leather passport covers by joevleather.

Passport Leather Cover - White Tree of Gondor - Customizable - Free PersonalizationThey also have the Tree of Gondor and The One Ring wallets.

Bi Fold Leather Wallet - Tree of Gondor - Customizable - Free Personalization

Bi Fold Leather Wallet - The One Ring - Customizable - Free Personalization


Here are some awesome flasks from MarkGroomGift.

The ring lotr flask Tree Gondor lotr gifts for men presents for men birthday gifts for him gifts for boys valentines gifts easter gifts LR16lord of the rings world lotr shop gift idea anniversary ideas for him retirement gifts engagement gifts teen guy gifts guy gifts ideas  LR13

Hobbit gifts lord of the rings rings lord of the rings art valentine gift ideas for guys special gift mens gifts for dad funny gifts LR05The lord of the rings ring flask lord of the rings collectibles great gifts for guys gifts for it guys gift for him romantic gift ideas LR02

Lord of the rings collectables hobbit merchandise gift for girlfriend novelty gifts graduation gifts christmas gift ideas wedding gift LR06The hobbit merchandise lord of the rings collectibles wedding gifts for guy personalised gifts best gift for man gifts for geeky guys LR04



Check out this cool metal etched flask from SilverblattDesign.

Lord Of The Rings Inspired Flask Elvish One Ring to rule them all writing around LotR tree Etched Stainless Steel 8oz Flask

They also offer etched glass pint glasses!

Lord Of The Rings Inspired Glass Elvish One Ring to rule them all writing around LotR tree Etched Pint Glassware

Lord Of The Rings Inspired Etched Pint Glass Sauron Dark Ale by Mordor Brewery One Beer to Rule Them All LOTR Glassware

It says “One beer to rule them all”!

Here’s a stout glass that says “Dwarf crafted, Dwarf approved”

Lord Of The Rings Inspired Etched Pint Glass Dwarf Stout Dwarf Crafted Dwarf Approved LOTR Dwarf Glassware


Here’s a great beer mug which can be custom etched, made by GeekyGlassed. They also do smaller cups like shot glasses and cups as well.

Personalized Lord of the Rings Mug - Tree of Gondor Logo Mug - Custom Etched Lord of the Rings Beer Mug - LOTR, LOTR Gift - Gondor Mug

Personalized Lord of the Rings Mug - JRR Tolkien Logo Mug - Custom Etched Lord of the Rings Beer Mug - LOTR, LOTR Gift - Tolkien Mug


Here’s another etched mug, with Smaug from VinylAptitude!

Lord of the Rings Inspired Dragon Hobbit GoT Art Personalized Custom Hand Etched Mug 25 oz Beer Stein Glass Cup Great Gift


We’ve already talked about these socks for men before, but they’re kind of cute, right?

Here’s some for the little ring bearer too

https://i2.wp.com/www.tiptopweddingshop.co.uk/images/products/tpjulor.jpgFor the girls, you can add any text you want to these white house shoes, hah!




Here’s something a little more daintier or for those tea and coffee drinkers, made by briellecostumes.

Arwen Glass MugPretty! Maybe you can put together  little tea and coffee samples to go along with the cup.

This next item isn’t really intended to be THE gift, but it is cute and could be a great addition to a small gift basket for your girls, maybe with some little pampering products and tools. It’s a little purse mirror!

Tolkien inspired "The One Ring" Compact Mirror

Here’s something that’s a little more expensive, but I’ve seen where brides give their girls little clutches as gifts. Here’s a Middle-earth map wallet that sort of goes along those lines. Made by FaithOnEarth.

Handmade  Long Wallet  BiFold Clutch -Vegan Wallet - LOTR map of Middle Earth

In my last post, I talked about how I was thinking about getting my girls necklaces from the movies, such as this Eowyn necklace. This is sold by Silverinestore on Etsy.

Or, here’s a version of Galadreil’s that’s nice and understated from Camafeus.

Silver Plated Extra Dimentional Lord of the Rings Galadriel Pendant Handcraft Replica with 20" silver plated chain

If you do decide to go with jewelry, here are some little LOTR boxes you could present them in, by DoodleButton. They have the Fellowship in the center and the Tree of Gondor on the bottom.

Here’s a larger box with two different designs that you could put just about anything in, from FandorasBox.

Alright, well, that’s all I have right now. I know thinking of gifts for your wedding party is hard, trust me, I know. But, I think the most important thing is to remember why we give gifts in the first place. We, as the bride and groom, are saying a huge ‘thank you’ to our family and friends who have made the commitment to stand up there with us. Some have spent tons of money, traveled thousands of miles, and sacrificed so much just to be with us for 1 special day. I’m not saying some socks or a cup is going to say ‘thanks’ the exact right way, but it is appreciated and a great gesture. Try thinking of something you know they will like or use often and hopefully remember your wedding with fond memories. Just remember, you know your wedding party best and given some time, you will think of the perfect thing for your party.

Thanks for reading guys!









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