Real Weddings: Keara and David

Today we’re going to take a look at Keara and Davids gorgeous DIY Lord of the Rings wedding that was originally featured on Creative Canvas Company, by Daniel Mckay, in 2014! This young couple made a lot of the decorations themselves and with help from family and friends and it’s beautiful. I love it when people DIY their own stuff, especially big elements like the center pieces and even the cake! Here’s how they originally got the idea to go ahead with a Lord of the Rings themed wedding.

We decided on the theme after it was jokingly thought out as an idea. MY mum and I just looked at each other and said “well actually, that might work”. My husband and I wanted an outdoor wedding, and he was originally wanting black/silver and I wanted something a little more romantic. So this combo was great!

Wedding Dress

The wedding actually took place on Keara’s family’s land in Wisconsin. Even the bridesmaids got in to the theme, they all wore elf ears! (can we talk about how nice these look? Spot on, guys) Elf ears are the best bridesmaid accessory, in my opinion.

Bridesmaids The little ring bearer (dresses as a Hobbit, of course) carried this down the aisle, so cute!

Wedding Sandals and the ring bearer sign

Lord of the rings wedding - hobbit boy

My Lord of the Rings Wedding invite! Not the clearest picture but a bonus shot of preeccious.

lord of the ring wedding invite

Even their officiant dressed for the occasion as Gandalf.

wedding officiant dressed as gandalf the grey

Keara says that her grandfather made this wooden ceremony sign in his saw mill for the ceremony.


They also asked their guests to dress up in theme, and many obliged! Here we have some Hobbits, complete with hairy feet, and Ents!

Hobbit wedding guest

Lord of the rings wedding - tree menApparently these guys had to ditch their tree garb because they kept hitting other guests! Maybe they should have laid off the Ent-Draught, yeah?

lord of the rings wedding guest

Legolas from lord of the rings

More guests

long shot of lord of the rings ceremony

The bride and groom made their own confetti by mixing paper and wildflower seeds in a food processor. Bonus, guests can throw things at you, and then flowers will grow!

Bride and groom after the ceremony

Wedding Party for Lord of the Rings Wedding

The groom, David, made all of the outfits!

Groomsmen at Lord of the rings wedding

They made the groom’s outfit from an old leather jacket. They cut the sleeves off and cut the zipper out, then restitched with black cord down the middle. I think it looks great! Way to re-purpose something to make it even cooler. Keara also made all of the cloaks with some help from friends, complete with Lorien leaf brooches! And what groom is complete without Anduril?

Bride and Groom take a quick break at lord of the rings wedding

Now, here’s the reception. Adding to the magic, Keara says “The wedding was at 8pm so the only light we had was from the lamps and tea lights. Magical.”


They found all of the lamps at a second hand store, score!

Lamp for a wedding centrepiece

This was the base of our centerpiece. We filled cheap plastic pots with concrete, then stained it. Moss was topped and super glued to the sides/top area/base. We stuck giant branches covered in gold glitter in these.


They had a family friend make all of the cupcakes. I love the wooden stand.

Cake 1

Here’s something interesting about the top cake though, and I think it’s genius

The cake itself was made by my mum, and we both decorated it with the help of a bridesmaid. The middle layer was the only real layer, we made fake layers out of foam for the top and bottom. We wanted them to be covered in gold leaf, and edible gold leaf would have cost around $200 so we just did the cheap stuff with fake cake! We had just wanted a cake to cut, we liked the cupcake idea enough that we even ate those instead. The edible candy ball did melt! We like to think it added something extra…

Cake 2

The bride’s parents, looking very regal.


And, finally

First Dance

What a beautiful wedding! I loved all of the personal and DIY touches. Who says inexpensive things have to look cheap? It’s very common now to get a bigger (and cheaper) cake by having a few tiers or even the whole cake made of foam, covered in fondant or icing. Then, the cake server has a sheet cake in the back to serve to guests, and no one ever knows. I also love that they made some of the outfits and the centerpieces, which are perfect! This was a beautiful wedding filled with love and LOTR geekiness – which is the best kind of wedding. Check out the original post over at Creative Canvas Company’s blog post for more information on this wedding.

Here are a few vendors that were used

The bridesmaid’s elf ears –, Wedding dress – David’s Bridal, Wedding photography – Suzanne Wynveen

Thanks for reading, guys!



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Born and raised outside of Houston, Texas, Shanon then moved to Kansas for school. She earned her degree in technical theatre, majoring in props making and managing. She met her fiance while they were both in school, and he proposed to her at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in Oct. 2013. Now, she spends all of her free time making things for their upcoming wedding in Oct. 2015!
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