Real Weddings: Brudeparet

Ok, so, I spend a lot of time looking at Lord of the Rings weddings don’t ya know. I came upon this website that had a beautiful LOTR wedding, but it was in some crazy umlaut language (Norwegian actually) filled with o’s with lines going through them and all the vowels has little circles over them. Happily, the author translated some of the wedding’s description into English, and Google Translator will do the rest for us, which is actually quite comical.

Regardless of the language, the wedding is absolutely beautiful! I can’t discover the bride and groom’s name, so I’m calling this the Brudeparet Wedding, which, as far as I can tell, means “bride and groom” in Norwegian. Brudenparet!

The author, a friend of the couple’s, had this to say:

This summer some of my best friends got married, in a true Lord of the Rings style! We’ve known each other for quite many years out of common interests for Tolkien, and green lifestyle. So it was a joy to travel all the way down the west coast to be with them this enchanting day. The location was absolutely gorgeous, it was almost like an island of old style log buildings, grass roofs, pathways and trees.

“Innsjøen der halvøya lå” – The lake where the peninsula was

“Seletun Miljøhotell” – The explanatory Miljøhotell. Ah yes, the explanatory Miljøhotell. Very explanatory indeed.

“Tåkedal” – Tåkedal (I have no idea, and neither does Google Translator) pretty though!

The handfasting found place outdoors, and all dressed up in glorious garb accompanied by wonderful music, it was just beautiful.

“Bruden, med vakker kjole fra Rivendell Bridal” – I’m going to try and translate this myself. It says something like “the bride wore an amazing dress by Rivendell Bridal, and looked beautiful!” That’s what I think it should say anyways. It actually says “Bride with beautiful dress from Rivendell Bridal”. Close!

The bride’s dress was from none other than Rivendell Bridal! We’ve featured them on BreeCraft before, and they have some amazing celtic, elven, and medieval gowns!

“Et kyss” – If I know my Norwegian, which I don’t, I bet this says “The Kiss”

“Brudeparet” – we know what this means! Bride and groom! We’re learning.

“Fotografering på gang” – ‘Shooting on time’. Gotchya.

The guests were supposed to dress in costumes too, and after the ceremony we went to do some archery and explore the area before eating dinner.

“Gjester” – Guests

“Vigdis og Torstein, som vi møtte for første gang” – Vigdis and Torstein , who we met for the first time

“Flettet hår” – it says ‘braided hair’, but I think it should say ‘awesome hair’, but that’s just me.

This is the author of the post and the woman who attended the wedding. She’s so pretty! And, she’s wearing Evenstar!

“Bueskyting på gang” – ‘Archery at once’. These are the guests, participating in archery, presumably ‘at once’

The meals were really great, consisting of medieval dishes, with names such as Aragorns kingly athelas salad, Thranduils premium deer steak, Beorns honeycoated root vegetables, Samwise’s baked herb potatoes and so on!

I love this! I want to have Aragorn’s kingly athelas salad! Love.

“A knight and warriors … I must add that all the items that were served had name tags on with Middle Earth- inspired name ! As Aragorn Royal athelassalat , Thranduil premium venison , Beorn honey glazed root vegetables , exotic kikerthummus Elrond, Faramir creamy sweet potato and Sams baked herb potatoes (po – ta- toes ) : D”

Afterwards we danced medieval dances and had fun, before seeing the wedding cake and eating berries for dessert.

“Bryllupskaken parteres” – ‘Wedding cake butchered’ OK, google, I’m going to hope you mean ‘wedding cake being cut’. Let’s go with that.

That cake is awesome.

“Brudeparet i festsalen” – ‘The bride and groom in the banquet hall’

When dusk arrived we lit a huge fire by the lake, where we sat drinking tea, telling stories and speaking until mist danced over the water and dawn arrived. Then the few of us the most used to cloaks and bonfires finally went to get some sleep, agreeing that it had been one of the most wonderful days in our life!

“Tedrikking… veldig godt med bryllup uten drikkepress” – ‘Drinking tea … very good wedding without drinking pressure’. That’s how you have a good wedding guys, no drinking pressure. Thanks Google.

A guest, the author of the original Norwegian post, and the bride and groom.

And there you have it, a simple yet beautiful wedding filled with awesome Lord of the Ringness. It’s even cooler in my book because it’s in Norway (I assume) and all foggy and cool looking.

When planning your wedding, regardless of the theme, always try to remember it’s about having fun, being with the people you love, and making it your special day in whatever way that means. Thanks for reading guys!



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Born and raised outside of Houston, Texas, Shanon then moved to Kansas for school. She earned her degree in technical theatre, majoring in props making and managing. She met her fiance while they were both in school, and he proposed to her at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in Oct. 2013. Now, she spends all of her free time making things for their upcoming wedding in Oct. 2015!
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