Real Weddings: Karen and David

Ok guys, so we’ve got our bouquet tutorials, our Lord of the Ring fonts, and our inspiration. But what about those brave souls who came before us, who have actually had a real life Lord of the Rings themed wedding? We see how it can be done in parts, but what about the trail blazers who made it whole and real? Today we’re going to start celebrating them, in a new series of posts I’d like to call…something catchy that I haven’t thought up yet. But you can bet it’ll be punny! (heh)

But where shall we find the first of these amazing and unique weddings? Why, from Offbeat Bride, of course! Yeah, OK, you got me, there’s already an awesome website dedicated to awesome weddings, sorry I’m late to the game. But, in my shoddy attempts to be fair, we here at BreeCraft tend to deal mostly with awesome Lord of the Rings wedding things, as oppose to Offbeat Bride, who deals in a wide rang of awesome wedding things, and does not discriminate upon genre.

So, first wedding up in our installment belongs to Karen and Frank, who got married in Milwaukee, WI, in 2012!


All photos taken by Realife Photography

Karen states that for their wedding, they wanted an “‘Elven Fairytale’ theme, which was a combination of our love for Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings, fantasy in general, and Disney.” Um, ok, way to pick the best themes for a wedding! Am I right?!


“Using traditional as a guideline and geeky interests for inspiration, we put a twist on everything we could put our hands on. The ushers, groomsmen, and groom wore boots, vests, and cravats, and were fully equipped with swords. The best man had leather bracers with the White Tree of Gondor and the Horn of Gondor which was blown before each of the toasts during our reception.

They blew the Horn of Gondor before each toast. This needs to be a tradition in every wedding, starting now. NOW.

“The boutonnieres all resembled different shades of Mallorn leaves with metal and floral accents…”


“The bridesmaids hung their lanterns on shepherd’s hooks to flank us during the reception with their pink lights. I carried a brooch bouquet as we continued the theme of metal accessories. Each mother was given a metal rose to honor them.”


“The place cards were rocks with the guest’s names on both sides of it, one side written in English and the other in Elvish. Each table was named for a couple that we cherish, from movie characters to dancers to video and role-playing characters.”


“Instead of clinking glasses, we opted to have everyone roll a pair of blow-up dice and on an even roll we kissed, and on an odd roll the dice roller had to kiss someone else!

The priest began with a quote from Lord of the Rings:

“Here then all my guests, fair folk of many realms, such as have never before been gathered in this hall! Faramir, Steward of Gondor, and Prince of Ithilien asks that Eowyn Lady of Rohan should be his wife, and she grants it full willing. Therefore they shall be troth plighted before you all.”


We had two love poems and another Lord of the Rings excerpt read, then started the elemental unity ceremony, which included lighting a candle (fire), pouring sand into an hourglass (earth), ringing a wind chime (air), and drinking water from a goblet (water). Our priest performed a handfasting along with the exchange of rings and secret personal vows. We ended the ceremony with the “Finale” from the Little Mermaid on Broadway. I curtseyed to my bridesmaids and Frank shook his groomsmen’s hands. Then we lip-synced and kissing along to the music as we walked out. The book bearer then closed the book, signifying the end of the story… for now!”


I also love the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s outfits!



But, I think we can all agree that the Bride and Groom are the snazziest dressed



Look at that bustle!

Karen explains how her beautiful pink dress was made:

“Finding a pink dress was a challenge for me. I designed my own dress and then relayed them to my friend to sketch them out. I was lucky to have an artistic and talented friend who actually designed and created Frank’s coat, and she helped me through the process. Finding the right fabrics in the right shade of pink became an impossible task, and I needed the fabric ASAP to allow my vendors time to make the finished product. I ended up using my aunt’s old wedding dress as the bottom layer of my skirt with two different shades of pink chiffon fabric and some pink silk dupioni that I had dyed to match. I was blessed to find a phenomenal corset maker and a local seamstress created my skirt. And my artistic friend put all the finishing touches together including creating the bustle add-on, floral and feather accents, side straps with detachable sleeves, and a matching clutch”

Frank’s amazing embroidered jacket was also special made for them:

“The Jacket was actually hand-made by a friend of ours as well as she designed the embroidery pattern but an embroidery shop did the actual embroidery”



Take a look at Karen’s hair piece, which was made by Etsy seller Garden of Whimsy. Beautiful!



Here are a few shots of their table scape as well


See the centerpieces on the tables on the right and left? Pretty!


Ok, well we can all agree that this wedding is absolutely beautiful, but if you needed more proof, here are some photos of the bride and groom looking perfect, so there.

16172Alright, that’s about it. Click on each photo to be taken to their Flickr account for more stunning photos of their big day, and head on over to their post on Offbeat Bride to find out more about their wedding. Thanks for reading, see ya later!

***If you have been a part of, had one, or are planning a Lord of the Rings wedding, please feel free to contact us at BreeCraft if you’d like to be featured here!***



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